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About Us

Drexel Patterson and Tony Crisafi are the highly accomplished principal architects heading their hand-picked team in creating residences of quiet luxury throughout Southern California, nationally and internationally for more than two decades.

Known for floor plans that flow effortlessly into a continual unfolding of spatial events, Island Architects creates homes that embody the essence of their clients’ dreams with their own discerning vision. Using a keenly trained eye, and remaining focused on the ultimate context of the finished product, their homes appear to emerge as though they had always been an integral part of the environment.

While the quality of their work stands on its own merits, Island Architects a firm of approximately 20 people whose allegiance and reputation within an elite circle of equally talented builders, subcontractors, craftsmen and artisans, lends an enormous amount of credibility and confidence to any discriminating client embarking on the very personal and important process of building or remodeling their home.  Island Architects has extensive knowledge and experience working with the Coastal Commission on the permitting process throughout the California Coast, with the Building Department, with Homeowners Associations, and with neighbors, in order to provide our clients with the best and most comprehensive plan for what they can expect with their home building or remodeling process.

From Villas in the Virgin Islands to estates in the rolling hills of Ohio’s horse country, from a grand old lodge in the Tetons to a pastoral country estate on the shores of Lake Geneva, from vacation estates in Hawaii back to several local projects in La Jolla, Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe, this firm consistently produces some of the finest homes.  For more information contact our office in La Jolla, California at 858-459-9291 or send an email to ia@islandarch.com.